Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The day we came home

We had gotten home from the hospital and were met by so many wonderful people. We had family, friends and people from Hospice. We were so glad to be home and to love on our sweet little angel. It was a long day signing paperwork from Hospice and getting the medical equipment that we needed. My dad was here from Virginia and my mom was here from Tampa. After a long day we finally got to settle down a bit. Steven and I were in the bedroom rearranging things when Devin came in and said something is wrong with Caleb. We rushed in and he looked blue & dusky. We immediately put oxygen on him and called Hospice. While we waited for the nurse to come out Steven just held Caleb. He has crying and pleading for God to please not take his son. We sat together holding Caleb...was this the way it was going to all end?? It broke my heart. I cried and was so scared. Caleb looked so lifeless and gray. We tried stimulating him but nothing was working. I was worried about Devin too, he was trying to hide under the bed he was so scared. Finally Hospice got here and called out a crisis nurse. After what seemed like forever Caleb came around. Pam, our nurse took over and allowed us to get a couple of hours sleep. God blessed us with another day.

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