Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caleb & Daddy Being Silly

Nothing like the love of a child to make a grown man act like a big kid. Daddy was just making noises when he noticed Caleb laughing at one of the them. Don't know why it made him laugh but it was hysterical. Caleb fully interacts with us. He is such a happy baby. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be sharing moments like this. God has shown us once again his miracles in life. THANK HEAVEN FOR DADDIES!!

FOLLOW UP: I got the whole story...daddy was playing Battleship with our other son Devin. Devin sunk daddies of course daddy being the big kid that he is had to make the sound of the ship going down! Caleb thought that was hillarious!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

After Starting Lasix

Just got back from Cardiology appointment. All I can say is THANK YOU GOD!! Caleb's liver has shrunk back down. The left side of his heart is no longer enlarged & the right side has started to shrink a bit. His pulmonary hypertension is slightly lower. The words came out of the dr's mouth "he may be a candidate for heart surgery". I about fell to the floor. The look on the dr's face was priceless, never seen him so happy. We are still not there yet. We need to know why Caleb is still needing o2 & what is going on with his obstructions. Last thing we want is for him to be stuck on a ventilator. I am thrilled beyond words. And the Doctor continues to be amazed...all in GOD'S HANDS
We have to watch to make sure his lungs are not getting damaged from the blood that is accumulating in them. There is a balance with the heart doing well and the lungs may not be. We will have to make decisions on surgery if things start to change. We always pray for guidance.