Friday, September 16, 2011

Caleb has come home

Caleb finally got to come home. We thought it would be really hard, but there was actually an overwhelming feeling of peace. We had never been apart from him that long and it was so comforting to have him with us again. I was able to hold him love on him. Then Pastor Mike came over and prayed over Caleb & our family, as Caleb's earthly body was to be put to rest in our home. We had family around us, it was a beautiful moment. We shared memories, we cried, and we laughed. Thank you Pastor Mike for all that you do to help our family find peace in such a difficult time.  A dear friend of mine, Chontee, will be helping me sometime next week to decorate Caleb's Memorial Cabinet...I can't wait to make it look as beautiful as he was...always will be.

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