Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve...missing our sweet Caleb

Today has been a very tough day.  I think it has really hit me that Caleb won't be here with us this Christmas.  I just couldn't stop crying.  We went to Christmas Eve service at church.  I couldn't breathe.  I remember Caleb moving to the music last year...doing his very best Stevie Wonder.  I loved sharing these beautiful moments with Caleb, with our family, with our friends.  I cried through the whole service, but that was ok, because I was surrounded by so many people who care for us & love us.  They have walked beside us in our journey.  We are so Blessed with the gift of family and amazing friendships.  There are so many heavy hearts this season.  So many lil' ones gone too soon. I pray for all these beautiful families.  God Bless you all...... 

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  1. Hello Steven and Jeannette...My name is Jill. I´m from North Carolina but I married a man from Spain and we live outside of Barcelona. We have a precious 2-year-old son and have just received the news that our daughter (I´m 4.5 months pregnant) has Trisomy 18. We are believers. I´m a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member.

    I feel very strongly about not "interrupting" the pregnancy, as they call it here, although there is A LOT of pressure to do that, especially in Spain.

    Thank you for sharing your life with Caleb. You may be overwhelmed with people who want to communicate with you, and if so, I understand. However, if you´re willing to communicate, could I write an email to you to ask you more questions? If so, please let me know at

    Thank you. May the Lord bless you and all your children!

    -Jill Patterson