Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Philly Trip: "You Are My Sunshine"

During our speech in Philadelphia, we mentioned how Caleb was surrounded by friends and family before he went into the arms of Jesus.  We sang "You are my sunshine".  Our son Devin, use to sing this to Caleb so often.  After we were done speaking, Gianna Jessen, who was also speaking at the Pro-Life Conference asked if she could sing this song in honor of Caleb.  We were so touched and happily said "OF COURSE :)".  Gianna's story is absolutely amazing too.  She is a beautiful person with the sweetest spirit.  Danielle Rose, who travels the world as a Music Missionary joined Gianna in singing.....what an honor it was to have these Godly women sing to our precious son Caleb.  They are the kind of women that you want to hang out with....always.  Getting to know them brought us so much peace and healing.  There aren't enough thank you's to express how much it meant to Steven and I.

 "........ coming from an orphan's background, it was the most amazing thing to watch a father weep for love of his son. i have never seen that, we hugged each other."  This is part of a post that Gianna made on her page that day.  We cannot express how much this meant to Steven.  Often father's are left in the background and people forget that they hurt too.  Thank you so much Gianna. 


  1. It meant a lot to me too, Jeannette. I was thankful to have the opportunity to be there with you and Steven that day. I still cry when I listen to Gianna and Danielle sing the second verse as I picture the two of you dreaming about holding Caleb in your arms again. One day you will. <3

  2. My Betty, wife and best friend, went to be with Jesus on Jan. 4, 2012, She was a wonderful tender hearted person who loved children, our grandchildren called her Noni, she is holding Caleb's hand and holding him to her heart and loving him until you see him again, God bless you and comfort you, Eddie Rene Gracia