Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Being Strong?

People often say that I am so strong.....I really am not. I wonder from moment to moment how life will go on. How do I find joy in my life. Will there be a day that I don't feel like this? I have so much to be grateful for. I had my son for 2 1/2 yrs. I knew his life would be short....but it is still not easy. I miss him more and more each day. It gets harder with each passing moment...not easier. I don't want sorrow or pity...I want a bandaid sent from Heaven...I want to not hurt so incredibly bad. My son brought us so much laughter, love & happiness...so what is it that I want? Would it have been easier if he had a hard life?? Of course not! So where are the answers...what am I trying to find? I look at this world so differently now. This isn't my home...just a rest stop. I want to feel like I use to. So abundantly Blessed. Selfish, I know. Grief is such a strange thing. I find myself missing things that just don't make a lot of sense: I haven't been to the grocery store since before Caleb went into the hospital. When I use to go to Publix after Steven got home, it would be my quiet time. I would go shop, call when on my way home, walk in, see Caleb sitting with daddy & just smile. It was my routine. I miss the hospital, the dr's & the nurses. I can't go toward Gainesville because I start having anxiety. I miss parking in handicap spaces...not because of conveniences...but it meant I had a really special baby on board. When I leave the house my anxiety level goes through the roof...I want to be at home...where I had been for 3 yrs. I don't know of any place more important to be than at home and caring for my son. I don't need fancy clothes, glamorous hair, or a night out on the town. But I guess I need to learn how to be a wife and mother again. Strange huh?? Eventhough, I know I feel like I'm the only one going through this, I know that I'm not..there have been those who walked this road before me, with me & will go through it after me. I pray for joy, laughter, love & life....not only for myself but for everyone around me who is also grieving. I miss my son...I miss his smile....there are just no answers...just time I guess, I pray.


  1. Jeanette, I am so very sorry for you pain and your loss. I wish I could tell you things will get easier, but I believe grief is a life-long process. I agree, we are just at a rest stop here. I truly think we will be amazed to know how very close our loved ones are to us once it is our time to leave. Prayers and hugs for you and your family.

  2. Jeannette,

    I wish I had the words to speak to you to bring you comfort. Sometimes I feel that the words I speak are wellmeaning, but they're just that- words. I think that instead of speaking words, I should just be willing to listen more and be there to love you folks through your pain. I'm here for you and your family if you ever need me to come by to visit or to bring you folks something to eat. You mean a lot to me and I'm blessed to be able to call you my friend.


  3. My family and I continue to get on our knees each night and pray for God to comfort you and your family. Thank you for your blog posts and sharing with us.