Monday, November 30, 2009

Meeting Taylor

We went to St. Augustine to meet up with another family whose son, Taylor, also has trisomy 18. Taylor is 19 months old and is amazing. Julie, his mother, and I have become very good friends. We are so blessed to have been able to meet them in person. It is so nice to know that we aren't alone and have each other to lean on. They also have two other boys who got along so well with our boys. It was so funny to see Caleb and Taylor feed off of each other. They are truly connected. Friends forever. I hope that the medical profession can see all of our stories and realize that these children ARE compatible with life. They laugh, smile, love and feel. Taylor can even give hugs!! That was the most touching moment when I saw him give his mommy a hug. Caleb & Taylor acknowledged each other...they get it. I love them both so much. I love all our precious t18 babies. Their life matters, no matter how much time they have with us...they have a huge impact on our lives. They are "compatible with life".


  1. That's very special! Especially the part of the song when the musician is singing,"They're really saying, 'I love you.'" Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. The pictures of Caleb and Taylor on the blankie together are so precious!!

    I just found your blog and am catching up. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with Caleb.