Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A day of reality

Caleb has been having issues with his oxygen levels being low and I noticed that his heart rate had gotten really low, in the 60's. That is something I hadn't noticed before. I called the cardiologist and pulmonologist to see what I needed to do. Caleb's pulmonologist felt like we really needed to see about getting him on a cpap or bipap. But we first had to get him use to using a mask. That in and of itself is going to be a major feat. Her concern is that she knows that Caleb stresses out so badly that he causes himself to crash. So the options are to either get him use to using a mask or let his respirations slowly get worse. Not an option that we like. So daddy is trying to figure out a way to get more oxygen to him without a mask. Maybe tenting the one end of his crib.

I spent the day loving on him, playing with him, taking pictures and videos. I couldn't stop laughing and crying. Devin got to go spend the day with his friend Liam. It was good for him and it was good for me to have some alone time with Caleb. These days of reality checks are hard. I just love my boys and the thought of losing either of them just rips my heart apart. I know the reality with Caleb I just don't like it when it slaps me in the face.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Caleb these issues right now. I think of you often and will be praying for Caleb.
    I will contact you soon to discuss some things that may help you since Eva had spells where she would stress herself into a "blue spell".
    Caleb is so strong and so lucky to have you for a mommy always fighting for him. I hope you can find a good way to keep the mask on him. I have a suggestion about this as well. I will either call or send you a PM on Facebook as soon as I can.
    Love you and your little guy!

  2. I know what you mean about reality slapping you in the face hun, its an awful feeling. I hope you find a solution to this, love that little boy xx

  3. Bless your heart, Jeannette. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to not only have to deal with Caleb's issues, but Devin's as well. My prayers still go with you and your family, my friend. I'm still here for you and Steven if you need me.