Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

I am finally getting Caleb's blog set up. It has only taken me 5 months to do! It was a pretty quiet day other than the arguing with different agencies trying to get respite care. It looks like it just isn't going to happen. It is hard when you don't have any help or just relief sometimes. But then I look at my little mouse's face and it all seems better. Caleb loves to get kissed on the forhead. He just laughs. I sat here thinking about all the things I'd love for Caleb to experience. Will he ever get to see a sunset, play in the sand, get to see Shamu or be able to hold his head up so he can rest on my shoulder. I would love for him to wrap his arms around me and I'd hold him so tight. I love him so much that whatever he does is such a miracle...I'll take it and cherish each and every moment.

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