Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

What an amazing day..this time last year we were at the hospital waiting to see our precious baby uncertain of what was going to happen. We had family, friends and Pastor Mike waiting anxiously there with us. I remember being in the OR & all of a sudden hearing the most beautiful sound, Caleb's cry. Steven j...ust cried, looked at me & said "he's alive". He was so beautiful, so perfect. We were so anxious bc we kept wondering with each and every breath he took if it was going to be his last. But he fought with every bit of life he had. God has blessed us beyond words & today we are celebrating his miraculous first year of life. With God ANYTHING is possible. He has guided us & held us so tightly through this journey. He has brought so many wonderful people in our lives. I am so grateful to the other t18 families who we've gotten to know & love. Thank you to all our family & friends who have been right here with us..we love you all so very much. Happy Birthday my sweet Little Mouse

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  1. We love you too, Jeannette. Your perseverance in the face of Caleb's trials is a source of strength to many. :)